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Website design in the Life Sciences requires not only web design skills but experience in the sector. Your website is visited by investors, potential pharma partners, shareholders, advisors, analysts, journalists, the media, scientific collaborators... the list is endless. Your company's website is its image to the world. Much like you will care about dressing appropriately to go to an important business meeting, your company's website reflects the company’s value; its professionalism. And it is not only the layout; it is what you say and how you say it. Pharma and Biotech companies, as well as companies in the Life Sciences space, including MedTech and Digital Health / AI, have tremendous value in comparison to most other "traditional" sectors. A restaurant, a shop, a supplier, a blogger, target the mass population, often in their geographical vicinity. That is very different from the target audience of pharma and biotech companies.

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Professional web site design for Pharma, Biotech, MedTech, Digitial Health and HealthCare Proffessionals

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Website Design, Hosting & Maintenance

PharmaWebsites provides a complete service in designing, building, hosting and maintaining professional websites for companies in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, MedTech, Digital Health and also HealthCare Professionals, such as physicians with a private medical practice.

We are pharma and biotech industry senior executives with over 30 years' experience in the sector and therefore have faced the challenges and understand your needs.

Professional web site design for Pharma, Biotech, MedTech, Digitial Health, Medical Practices and HealthCare Proffessionals

There are many people who can do web site design, but not many who know the Life Science sector. And even fewer that have worked in the sector. Knowing how to phrase the content is key. Website developers or creators can create websites for shops, local businesses and traders, restaurants, cafes and blogs. A biotech or pharmaceutical company is very different. It's not only the science; it's the communication with investors and potential corporate partners for deals. We believe we are second to none when it comes to writing the content of a professional company website for science, medicine, business and investors.

Company websites must be checked and updated by senior management because they present facts, progress, news, the science and technology, the pipeline, the team, the Scientific Advisory Board, the strategy and the prospects. Everything must be worded very carefully. For companies which are publicly listed on stock exchanges, the requirements include a number of things as part of the requirements of the financial authorities.

We realise that senior company executives as well as physicians, R&D scientists and financial people are very busy and we are here to provide a complete solution for all your needs regarding your website. We take the weight off your shoulders and provide you with a reliable service for a website that is secure, appealing, with the right messages and one that works well on a computer screen but also on mobile devices like phones and tablets, focusing on excellence and best practice.

Designing a web site for a Life Sciences company or a Medical Practice, requires special skills in writing the content as well as including appropriate graphics. We identify and choose scientific and medical photos for your website so you do not have to worry about taking your own photos or paying expensive photographers. Do you feel that your logo and corporate image is in need of refreshing? We can design for you your new logo and help to perfect your branding for your communications. In case you are not sure if your company can benefit from an updated branding, just consider that in the recent years, companies like Merck Serono, Pfizer, Abbvie, Sanofi and more recently, GSK have updated their logos and branding. It is important to keep up with the times.

Your corporate presentation, your investor presentation and other materials, make a bigger impact when they share the design and some elements of your website. When creating or redesigning your website, we can also help with your corporate presentation. Whether you are targeting investors or potential deal partners, both your website and your company presentation play a key role.

Professional web site design for Pharma, Biotech, MedTech, Digitial Health and HealthCare Proffessionals

For All Your Needs

We offer a complete service for websites for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, MedTech & Digital Health companies and Medical Practices

Website Design

Whether it is creating a website or redesigning your old website, we are here to help you to save your time and provide you with a professional and responsive secure site.

Website Maintenance

A website needs frequent updates, both from the front end (what people see) and also the back end (the technical side). We take care of your updates, news and regulations.

Website Hosting

With us, you do not have to bother to host yourself your website. We provide the hosting space, with regular back-ups and (if you wish), secure SSL for your website.


SSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a buzzword but requires the know-how to implement. The words that are both in the headings of a website as well as the text are vital.

Content Writing

The layout and the images of a website for a pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech or digital health company sets the optical appearance, but the content provides the substance.

Logo Design

The logo of a company implies mentally your company's identity. Many options exist and we can design for you a new logo, presenting a number of options for your review.


We have the skills to help you in the way you communicate to your key audiences. We can identify names for your pipeline projects & technologies and trademark them.

Presentations & Reports

Your presentations have the purpose of communicating key messages. How they look, affect the psychological opinion of your reader. We have tremendous experience in this area.

Graphic Design

Images are very important in a website as well as in the presentations, documents for investors and annual reports. We source for you professional images that you can use.


How We Build

websites for Science and Medicine

We build websites whish are professional, reliable, secure and search-friendly.

(3 min read for your benefit)

We build websites for pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech, digital health companies and also for medical practices and other healthcare professionals. Our sites are built with HTML. For those of you who are not so familiar with how websites are created and what systems web site creators use, we thought it would be useful to provide a quick summary so you can understand what is important in choosing scientific and medical website designers for Life Science companies, Medical Practitioners and healthcare professionals that have their own health practice in nutrition and alternative medicine.

HTML, combined with CSS and JavaScript is the gold standard in website structure but requires specialist knowledge. The main alternative to HTML is WordPress, which was created as a blogging channel. WordPress is free to use and modify by anyone (which is why it is used by most website designers). However, after a website is created using WordPress, it requires a lot of maintenance. Updates to the base system are released usually twice year and sometimes are not compatible with some themes and coding in earlier versions and a website can stop working. WordPress depends on many "Themes" and "Plugins" (there are currently over 54,000 free plugins) which also require frequent updating. However, every plugin takes space on the website (even though you can't see the program) and size decreases the functioning speed of the website. A website which is slow, annoys the viewers, something which is not desirable.

The biggest disadvantage of WordPress though is a much more serious one. It is its security and vulnerability (in contrast to HTML) and websites designed with WordPress face many attacks which means that a company's website may get infected and then infect its visitors, or cease to function. This could be in many cases detrimental to a company. WordPress is an Open Source platform, and the plugins are developed by thousands of people without monitoring them, so plugins sometimes contain bugs or malicious code lines. WordPress is the most hacked content-management-system platform worldwide.

Just to put this in perspective: one of the largest data breaches to hit WordPress was the famous Panama Papers Leak in 2016, which affected 2.6TB of data, over 11 million documents, and almost 5 million emails. This happened because a website was not running the latest version of a plugin that was used to make some photos rotate.

A web site built with WordPress is not a "static" web site but depends on a database file which resides on a server with PHP or MySQL installed. As an analogy, an HTML is like a Word document. What you see is just written in the document. WordPress on the other hand is not. It is based on a code that instructs the fetching of data entries from a database that contains the data. The database itself is unreadable. Often, a tiny tweak in a WordPress web site, results in the corruption of the database and renders the web site inaccessible. HTML does not require much maintenance and when the website is live, no updates are required for installation or backup.

HTML is supported by all browsers, and HTML websites are faster-loading than WordPress ones. Last but not least, HTML is the most friendly search engine web site building system.

Medical Website Creators - Design, Building, Hosting and Maintenace for Medical Doctors, Healthcare Professionals; Medical Practice Web Sites; Pharma, Biotech, MedTech and Digital Health Websites

Medical Website Design, Building, Hosting and Maintenace for Medical Doctors, Healthcare Professionals; Medical Practice Web Sites; Pharma, Biotech, MedTech and Digital Health Websites

Social Media for Pharma Websites

Social media presence and interaction for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostics, MedTech and Medical Web Sites target professionals, needs to be targeted to specific audiences and not the general public. Most people and especially the young ones who are the most active, who use social media have the objective of making friends, generating followers or following influencers, buying or selling product, listening to music, learning about food etc. People are impressed by the number of followers. This however does not apply to companies in the Life Sciences (pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics, medtech, digital health), nor to medical practices and other healthcare practices.

We believe there is only one and important Social Media channel for Life Sciences and that is LinkedIn. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the similar ones are not relevant, nor appropriate, plus every Social Media channel requires a lot of work with continual postings.

We can help create, optimise and maintain your LinkedIn profile, ensuring it looks professional, if you prefer to not have to burden yourself. We would only post something if you want us to and would work with you to ensure every single item is approved by you first.

SEO for Pharma Websites

Search Engine Optimisation is key for all websites. The whole point about having a nice website is that it must also be able to be found. Being specialist web designers for pharma and healthcare, we know how to help your SEO visibility. That means that your company’s website will be higher in search results when someone searches for a company, products, technologies or services such as yours. For example, a pharmaceutical company may be looking to license new drugs or platform technologies. Or an investor might be looking to find companies to invest in.

Search engines don't see Web pages the same way a person does. Actually, search engines do not “see” like people. What they do is read the HTML code of Web pages as well as the text content. When designing and building a website, we try to optimise your content so your company’s website can be found easier and attract more visitors - pharmaceutical companies, investors, scientific collaborators, or patients if you are a doctor or a healthcare practitioner.

Search engines (the two main ones being Google and Bing from Microsoft) read the content, the code and key tags on each web page, the headings, with the sizes, but also the information within the visuals. Graphics therefore play a role in being found but also entice the readers to spend more time reading the content on your web site.

Highly regulated industries like the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, have many legal restrictions which do not apply to the more “typical” websites of shops and traders. Web designers, website creators and website providers without the inside knowledge of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors are not familiar with these regulations.

Social Media optimised, for LinkedIn, Website Designers, Web Site Creator, for Medical Doctors, Healthcare Professionals; Medical Practice Web Sites; Pharma, Biotech, MedTech and Diagnostics Websites

Website Designer specialised in SEO for Medical Doctors, Healthcare Professionals; Medical Practice Web Sites; Pharma, Biotech, MedTech and Diagnostics Websites

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